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5 Benefits of Using a Cap Tightening Machine

Capping machines are useful in a number of industries, making them invaluable for businesses wanting to invest in modern production processes.

Consistency, Reliability, Security

A cap tightening machine offers secure and consistent seals. This helps to maintain sterility and hygiene, and leads to fewer product rejections.


The growing amount of cap types places extra demands on capping machines. Our machines are versatile enough to cope, needing only minor adjustments.


An automated bottle cap tightening machine increases the number of units produced per day significantly, helping businesses increase output and revenues.

Efficient Operation

Capping machines operate efficiently and tirelessly, working around the clock. They are easy to operate, freeing employees for other tasks.

Easy Integration

Most modern cap tightening machines integrate seamlessly into existing production lines, where they support liquid filling machines and other packaging systems.

Applications of Bottle Cap Tightening Machines

Bottle cap tightening machines are now a mainstay of many industries. They speed up a laborious process and deliver consistent results.

Capping machine

Beverage and Food Suppliers

Beverage and food processors use capping machines to improve efficiency in an extremely competitive industry where reliability and consistency is critical.

Capping Machines

Distilled Spirits and Wines

For alcohol products, a bottle cap tightening machine can create the seals consistently, which is needed to avoid spoilage and reduce the risk of tampering, whilst avoiding breaking the bottle.

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Cleaning Products

Because many cleaning products are corrosive, flammable or reactive, they need machines able to tighten the caps to specific force settings with extremely high consistency.

Liquid Filling Machine


For the pharmaceutical sector, product caps ensure that the product remains sterile. Capping machines can also fit specialised tamper-proof caps.

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Cap machines cope with small and fragile containers used for cosmetics, and can handle complicated container shapes.

Asset packaging machine

Personal Care & Household Items

Personal care and household products use a variety of cap types. Modern capping machines are very adaptable and easy to adjust.

Why Are Asset Packaging Machines Superior?

Asset Packaging’s trusted capping machines draw upon decades of experience. Here are some reasons why our systems are trusted by numerous businesses.

Our Machines are Consistent

Our capping machines offer the consistency needed for perfect seals that don’t leak or compromise sterility even at high production speeds.

Asset Packages Machines Last Decades

Asset Packaging machines, crafted to Australian standards, are extremely reliable. You are investing in a machine that will last for decades.

12 Month Warranty on All Our Products

We know that every product leaving our workshop meets our high quality requirements, so we provide a 12-month warranty with confidence.

Australian Owned, Australian Made

Buying products with the ‘Australian Made’ mark supports the economy and the environment. Just as importantly, you know they meet stringent quality assurance requirements and have cast iron warranties.

Asset Packaging Machines is an Australian-owned company and our machines more than meet the requirements. We are proud to produce Australian Made machines that don’t use inferior materials, and we certainly don’t cut corners.

When you source machines from us, you don’t have to wait for a shipment from overseas, and we work alongside you. At Asset Packaging, we understand Australian industries and know exactly what you need to improve production and remain competitive.

About us

With a forty-year history, Asset Packaging is one of Australia’s most trusted capping machine manufacturers. We emphasise good workmanship and working with businesses to develop lasting solutions, and we build machines that last. With 7,000 projects completed, Asset Packaging will continue to support Australian companies as they meet new challenges.

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