AC-SA Semi-Automatic Cap Tightening Machine

AC-SA Semi-Automatic Cap Tightening Machine

  • Tightens bottle caps from 10mm to 100mm
  • Semi-automatic model suits benchtop filling (with or without moveable trolley) 
  • Fast and consistent-torque tightening, every time 
  • Australia’s industry-standard cap tightener for over 20 years
  • Simple to use
  • Up to 30 units per minute throughput
  • All cap types

Heavy Duty Design

10 Year+ Service Life


Made in Australia

Machine Description

The Asset Semi-Automatic, or benchtop model AC-SA Cap Tightener has been the industry standard in semi-automatic cap tightening machinery for over 20 years.

Equally at home in small start-up packing operations or in production units of major corporations, the AC-SA’s low cost, versatility and precise operation have made it a favourite in a wide range of demanding applications. If your production requirement increases, the semi-automatic machine can be converted to a fully automatic conveyor-mounted model.

From 10mm eye-dropper or cosmetic caps to 100mm closures for wide-mouth food jars, the AC-SA’s simple controls enable fast set-ups and typical throughputs of around 15 to 30 units per minute.

A single hand-wheel and locking ring allows quick height adjustment for different containers. The universal container guide, adjustable for container size and shape, has an integral activating switch plate – another Asset exclusive feature. Simply place a container against the guide and the tightening chuck automatically descends, tightens, and retracts.

Increase or decrease the tightening dwell time to suit the particular application by a turn of the pneumatic timer knob. Simply adjust to give adequate time for the cap to wind down the thread and stop. Adjust the tightening torque by a turn of the air pressure regulator knob.

The range of 5 standard interchangeable tightening chuck sizes and 3 standard liner materials will handle most capping applications. Chucks are also available for specialised closures such as Tamper-Tel, eye dropper, etc. For trigger pump sprays, cream dispensers and mist pumps, and other closures which cannot be tightened from above, the Asset Pumptite Unit is available as a bolt-on optional item.

The AC-SA Semi-Automatic has all pneumatic operation so it’s safe with flammable products. The unit is supplied ready to run, requiring only a supply of compressed air.

  • Sturdy low maintenance construction
  • Flameproof, all pneumatic operation
  • High quality air motor drive
  • Precise torque setting via pressure regulator and gauge
  • Adjustable container guide with integral activating switch plate
  • Quick container and cap size changeover
  • Simple container height, tightening dwell time and torque adjustment without tools
Maximum Cap Diameter


Minimum Cap Diameter


Operation Mode


Machine Type

Cap Tightening


  • Extra high torque motor
  • Special tightening chucks
  • Trigger pump tightening device
  • Air compressor
  • Mounted to moveable stainless steel trolley

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