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Packaging machines For All industries and Businesses

At Asset Packaging, we build customisable/bespoke machines to suit almost any industry. Our filling machines easily handle liquids, solutions, pastes, and creams. We also manufacture cappers, conveyors, and unscrambling and accumulation tables. Whether your business is large or small, or whether you want to purchase or hire, our bespoke systems slot seamlessly into your production line.

Industries that Use Our Packaging Machines

Asset Packaging Machines are a popular choice for businesses across a wide range of industries, including:

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Food and Beverage

Alongside the reliability and accuracy, food and beverage companies love our machines because their hygienic stainless steel construction makes cleaning easy.

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Few industries require such a diverse range of packaging types as the cosmetics industry, which suits Asset Packaging’s easy-to-adapt and versatile machines.

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Pharmaceutical and Medical

Sterility is crucial for pharmaceutical and medical production lines, and our machines are clean room compatible and easy to disinfect.


Cleaning Products

Asset Packaging systems have served cleaning product manufacturers for years because they can handle a huge variety of cap shapes and sizes.


Industrial Chemicals

To suit industrial chemicals, the materials we use for our machines are relatively inert, and our systems can handle large, bulky containers

Benefits of Using Asset Packaging Machines

Many companies offer packaging machines for sale or hire, but as the original designers and manufacturers there are many reasons why businesses keep choose Asset Packaging.

Higher Production Speed

In the face of global competition, companies have to increase production speed yet spend less. Asset Packaging Machines ramp up production without the additional labour costs, freeing staff for other tasks.

Reliability and Consistency

With a proven reputation of delivering precise product volumes, you can expect reliability and consistency from Asset Packaging Machines. Our machines are accurate to within +/- 0.5% or better, and operate reliably without constant recalibration.

Simple to Operate

Our machines are very user-friendly, simple to operate and reset for different containers and/or products. When Asset Packaging installs a system, our full training inclusions and ongoing support helps operators use its full capabilities.


Our customisable machines fit into vast range of production lines whether in a start-up, whether start up or a large factory. Used across many sectors, they adapt to different products, containers, and cap types without expensive retooling.


Asset Packaging Machines are highly scalable, helping you meet seasonal demands and one-off orders. They are perfect for small businesses expecting growth, and large businesses expanding product lines, with hire available for extra systems when needed.


Rather than making large upfront investments, you can upgrade our machines. Simply add nozzles to increase production, increase the cylinder size for large containers, or use different chucks for new packaging – all available as part of Asset Packaging’s ongoing after-sale service.

Australia-Wide Machine Delivery

Asset Packaging offer our full range of packaging machines and systems for sale across Australia, for all businesses and industry types. For extra reassurance, each customer receives our full quality service which includes: delivery, installation, training, support, and maintenance for the life of your machine needs.

Why Choose Asset Packaging Machines?

Our unrivalled machine quality with a reputation for reliability, accuracy, and durability coupled with our excellent customer support instils a foundation of trust for all our customers.

Australia's trusted brand for over 40 years

We have been a leading packaging machine manufacturer for over four decades because Australian businesses trust our expertise and attention to every detail.

10 Year+ Service Life

The superior material quality, design and construction of our machines means their lifetime is measured in decades and won’t let you down.

Onsite installation and commissioning

When you buy or hire an Asset Packaging system, our technicians work onsite to install, test, and commission your system.

Long Term Spare & change Parts Availability

We are the Original Equipment Manufacturer, not a reseller, and stock all spare & change parts for all our models long into the future.

About Asset Packaging Machines

Russell Smith

Established in 1980, Asset Packaging Machines has manufactured an extensive and growing number of packaging machines that have been deployed in Australia and around the world. Proudly Australian made & owned, we have forged a reputation that prioritises high quality, reliability and value. Proudly led and managed by Russell Smith, a dynamic and innovative professional, our team are a diverse group who have worked together for many years, and are all dedicated to providing great service to our clients.

Throughout our history, we have emphasised quality and take satisfaction in finding complete solutions for our clients. We are proud to produce machines that work for decades, and we thrive on the relationships we build with customers who know they can trust us. Our technicians are highly skilled and experienced, and our customer service understands exactly what Australian businesses need to succeed.


Australian Owned, Australian Made

Since we started manufacturing machines, many years ago, Asset Packaging has avoided outsourcing because we believe that Australia makes the best packaging machines. Australian manufacturing standards are among the toughest in the world, and businesses soon tell you if your products are not up to scratch.

When you buy something with the ‘Australian Made’ stamp, you know that it is a high quality product. You also know that we follow the stringent employment and environmental laws. All of our technicians have relevant qualifications and experience, and are the best at what they do.

All of us at Asset Packaging believe in contributing to the Australian economy, building partnerships and training workers to help Australian companies thrive in a world of globalisation and intense competition. Our durable and reliable systems have helped countless Australian businesses meet the challenge.

Looking into the future, we will continue to innovate and produce high quality systems at a competitive price. Asset Packaging looks forward to helping many more Australian companies invest for the future with our upgradable machines that last for many years. As the Australian economy grows, we will be there, helping businesses realise their full potential.

Find out how our Australian-made machines can help you.

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