AC-A Automatic Cap Tightening Machine

  • Tightens bottle caps from 10mm to 100mm 
  • Automatic model mounts to your conveyor system
  • Up to 60 units per minute throughput
  • Fast and consistent-torque tightening, every time. 
  • Australia’s industry-standard cap tightener for over 20 years
  • Simple to use

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Heavy Duty Design

10 Year+ Service Life


Made in Australia

Machine Description

The Asset Packaging Machines AC-A Automatic Cap Tightener is designed to mount on to continuously running slat-type conveyors and is capable of tightening a vast range of threaded closures at rates of up to 60 units per minute.

Containers arrive at the machine by an inline conveyor, with caps pre-placed upstream manually. A photoelectric sensor detects the presence of a container and initiates machine operation through an electronic or pneumatic timer control unit.

The control unit enables fast set-ups and simple fine tuning of cycles through its programmable timer and digital display or pneumatic controls. The delay and operating dwell times of the cap tightening chuck and the container clamping jaws and gating can be freely set by push buttons or knobs on the front panel.

The twin timer control unit with separate settings for chuck and jaws/gates, provides substantially increased flexibility when running bottles at higher speeds and /or with difficult components.

The AC-A Auto bottle capper is supplied complete with a conveyor or conveyor mounting frame, pneumatic container gating and clamping devices, and aluminium clamping jaws (with non-marking friction facing) of either the general purpose V-Jaw type or contoured to the individual container profile. Jaws for glass containers are supplied with plastic slippers to prevent the container scoring the conveyor.

Our range of 5 standard interchangeable tightening chuck sizes and 3 standard liner materials will handle most capping applications. Chucks are also available for specialised closures such as Tampertel®, eyedropper etc.

For trigger pack sprays, cream dispensers, mist pumps and other closures which cannot be tightened from above the Asset Pumptite Unit is available as a bolt on optional item.

Asset can supply the AC-A Auto ready for the customer to adapt to their existing conveyor lines or we can provide a complete on-site installation service including conveyor mounting, guide rails modifications etc.

  • Sturdy low maintenance construction
  • Container height adjustment hand-wheel and locking ring
  • Quick container and cap size changeover
  • Electronic timer control unit
  • High-quality air motor drive
  • Precise torque setting via pressure regulator and gauge
Operation Mode


Minimum Cap Diameter


Maximum Cap Diameter


Machine Type

Cap Tightening


  • Extra high torque motor
  • Special tightening chucks and clamping jaws
  • Trigger pump tightening device
  • Automatic cap feeding and placing equipment
  • Twin-head version for special applications
  • All pneumatic, flameproof version

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