How Do Liquid Packaging Machines Improve Productivity?

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Liquid packaging machines can help businesses keep up with demand and make significant productivity gains. Across a range of sectors, from food and beverages to cosmetics, these useful machines boost profits and raise a company’s profile in a number of different ways:

  • Speeding up production
  • Enhancing profitability
  • Easy to use, clean and maintain
  • Flexibility
  • Use of human resources
  • Value and durability

These advantages help companies remain highly competitive in the face of increased automation and crowded marketplaces. The main benefit of liquid packaging machines lies in their ability to boost production without sacrificing product quality.

Speed up production without compromising quality

The first advantage of a liquid packaging machine, especially where a business opts for automatic systems, is optimising efficiency and producing more units per hour. As you would expect, producing higher numbers of units per hour gives businesses the opportunity to increase profits significantly. Of course, this is not the only measure, because the enhanced speed is of little use if quality declines.  

For the vast majority of high quality liquid packaging systems, the enhanced speed does not compromise quality: in fact, these systems actually improve product quality.

For example, liquid filling machines are far more accurate and consistent than filling by hand, meaning that a company spends less time on quality checks. In addition, machines reduce the risk of contamination, which is crucial in the food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries, leading to less wastage and higher overall product quality.

Enhance your profitability

The increased production speed alone provides a way to increase profit margins and seek larger customers. However, this is only one side of the equation, and a business can further enhance profitability by lowering costs.

Liquid packaging machines are great labour-saving devices, freeing up money to invest elsewhere in the business. In addition, in areas facing labour shortages, especially for sporadic seasonal demand, a business won’t have to turn down customers because it can’t fulfil large orders. Finally, machines do not tire or make mistakes and work 24/7 without the need for expensive unsociable shift payments and overtime.

One indirect benefit is that liquid packaging machines usually have a very small footprint, especially when integrated with conveyors and other packaging systems. Accordingly, a business with limited space for expansion can avoid upgrading to larger, more expensive premises as they grow.

With respect to recouping costs, although liquid packaging machines require an initial investment, superior quality models are highly durable and easy to maintain. A premier liquid packaging system will last for decades and the savings will soon outstrip the starter costs.

Easy to use, clean, and maintain

There are many justifiable reasons why some businesses put off investing in automatic liquid machines. Some fear that they lack the expertise to use them efficiently, and don’t want to spend a small fortune training staff. Others may question what happens if the machine breaks down, causing extended periods of downtime and seeing the repair bill climb.

The reality is that most systems, especially those from high-end suppliers like Asset Packaging Machines, are very operator friendly and easy to use. There is no need for complex, extended training, and reputable vendors are only too happy to provide ongoing customer support.

A high quality system is reliable and rarely suffers mechanical problems, and many suppliers will help you set up a robust maintenance schedule that keeps the machines working tirelessly for years. As a further benefit, high quality filling systems made from high-grade stainless steel and other durable materials are very easy to clean and sanitize. This makes liquid packaging machines perfect for industries where hygiene and sterility are crucial.

Flexibility and easy integration

Most complete liquid packaging systems are modular and allow companies to install liquid filling machines alongside conveyors, accumulating/unscrambling tables, and capping machines. With the right support and design, they fit seamlessly into existing production processes.

If you need to increase production to suit a large customer order or cover seasonal demand, many machines let you increase capacity. One easy way to do this is by simply upgrading the number of heads on the filling machine, allowing the system to fill more bottles at a time. Some companies, such as Asset Packaging Machines, let you hire additional heads and other machinery to cope with any fluctuations in demand.  

Better use of human resources

One particular problem that faces many businesses mass-producing liquid products is staff turnover. For many employees, repetitive work, such as filling bottles manually, can be demoralising. If morale is low and workers regularly leave after only a short time in the job, you have to find replacements and spend time training them. Sadly, this is not always easy in areas with labour shortages.

Investing in liquid packaging technology not only reduces labour costs, but it helps businesses employ people in more satisfying roles. These jobs add more value while giving employees an opportunity to enjoy their work and develop, pursuing new career opportunities.

Another benefit is that liquid packaging machines reduce the risk of repetitive strains or injury caused by from trips and falls. Where working with dangerous chemicals or hot products, they contribute to health and safety by offering staff some protection from harm. Apart from helping employers fulfil their duty of care to employees, high quality machines help to reduce the number of sick days significantly.

Value and durability

Liquid packaging machines are a good long-term investment that will pay for itself over time. By increasing production, improving quality, and lowering costs, they help businesses recoup the investment before seeing profits rise. Importantly, if your business wants a lower-risk approach, you can always hire a machine and try before you buy.

Of course, it is crucial to make sure that you invest in a machine that is durable, with nearby responsive support and access to parts. Asset Packaging Machines is a fully Australian-owned company with a well-deserved reputation for building high quality machines and helping businesses increase productivity significantly.

How Asset Liquid Packaging machines improve productivity

For an increasing number of businesses, of all sizes and across a number of sectors, liquid packaging machines contribute significantly to productivity. As an Australian business with over 40 years experience, Asset Packaging Machines has a long record of success. We provide high-quality machines that provide great value over their long lifecycle.

We manufacture all of our machines from superior components and materials, and quality check each single one before it leaves the factory. As a result, Asset Packaging Machines’ systems are very reliable, easy to use and set up, and require very little maintenance. To help your business maximise its productivity, we are happy to help you assess your existing processes and suggest where a system can make a huge difference to your production line.

With an extensive range of options for businesses of all sizes, and the option to hire, you know you are making the right investment. Talk to our highly skilled technicians to see how an Asset Packaging Machines system could be the perfect way to improve productivity and compete in the marketplace.

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