Why is Bottom-Up Filling Important for Frothing Liquids?

Bottom-up filling for frothing liquids

When we talk about using liquid filling machines to package products, remember there are different styles of manufacturing and packing that suit differing product lines within complementary industries. Depending on your product range, size of premises or currently installed manufacturing process, you can choose a top fill, bottom fill, side or vacuum fill liquid filling machine to achieve consistency and best results for your business bottom line.

Here, we explain bottom-up filling, type of liquid or frothing products suited to these machines, benefits and efficiencies of this production process and manufacturing advantages gained. Let’s fill you up with the right knowledge!

How It Works: What Products Are Best?

Automatic or semi-automatic bottom-up liquid filling machines work by utilising a nozzle fixture in the container that rises with the liquid content as it fills. This allows a consistent amount of product to enter the container and reduces the instance of foaming on products known to froth, such as cosmetics, cleaning liquids, chemicals and drinks. A better understanding of the bottom-up filling technique can be had by thinking about a cup filled with liquid being poured from above. If it’s done slowly, you have time to gauge how much is coming in and are likely to have less spillage on the way.

The nozzle fitting process ensures the correct amount of liquid is dispensed and reduces frothing or overfill. Where liquid product packaging manufacturing is used for chemically unstable food or cosmetic production lines, different application rates for the filling process can be programmed to stop product dispersing unevenly, thus reducing loss and improving efficiencies. Consider the following elements of your manufacturing process when thinking about using bottom-up filling machines:

  • Nature or viscosity of your liquid products
  • Elements in its composition
  • Fill rates on your production line
  • Packaging elements
  • Resistance of the container

These parameters allow for full control over how liquid is dispensed. New innovations in liquid filling machines like bottom-up filling ultimately improve output consistency and increase productivity, giving them a bright future in Australia’s manufacturing and packaging industry.

Advantages of Bottom-Up Filling for Industries

For businesses handling cosmetics, health and pharmaceuticals, food and beverage and industrial cleaning products, the advantage of using a bottom-up filling liquid machine is seen in overall output consistency.

  • Minimises product loss and overspill through reduced frothing or agitated product.
  • Consistent liquid filling levels for liquid products are covered by manufacturing regulations or codes.
  • Maintains overall cleanliness and hygiene on the production line to speed up your business’s manufacturing.

Bottom-up filling reduces costs associated with loss of content in the production process and speeds up manufacturing times for large orders. Australian businesses can even adapt to supply and demand more flexibly as manufacturing becomes a key engine of growth.

Reduce Frothing with Smooth Filling Content

As liquids come in a variety of forms and viscosities, it’s important to choose the most cost-effective manufacturing process to get the results your business needs – whether you are a small producer or a large manufacturer. For example, cosmetics manufacturing, where small tubes or containers prevail, requires different filling techniques than chemical or pharmaceutical manufacturing bound by regulations and schedules for safe handling and packaging, reduction of exposure time and potential spoiling.

Bottom-up filling helps reduce or eliminate the risk of foaming in your process which can spoil the product and also lead to inconsistent levels of liquid filling. If your product foams during the packaging process, it can lead to a loss in top-quality batches and overspill. This is important to monitor in industrial cleaning, pharmaceutical and food production lines. It also dispenses consistent fluid content and reduces the risk of introducing air pockets that can cause other production line problems.

Process Control Creates Consistency

The AV5-1C Single Cylinder Volumetric Filling Machine allows for bottom-up filling assembly

There are some key variables to consider in the design of the equipment. Are the liquids you manufacture filled in packaging at high or low temperatures? Do you require high production output on an automated line or are your products smaller and require slower handling? Think about the type and shape of containers for liquid filling and relying on a production capacity metric to deliver products to clients within specified time frames.

The bottom-up process ensures a lesser amount of product is used to fill containers compared with alternative filling technologies like gravity filling. It’s also an important consideration for those products whose consistency is affected via agitation in the packaging process. Using a gentler gravity system stops this agitation from affecting your output in key industrial applications.

The basic element that delivers consistency in bottom-up filling is the nozzle fixture that rises gradually with container content. It’s important to understand the optimum height from which a liquid is poured into a container. The nozzle fixture must be able to achieve the desired level consistently, as well as be placed close enough for best filling performance without wasting product or requiring too much fill time.

The system you choose should ideally be easy for operators to use and take apart for a thorough cleaning, especially in industries bound by codes of production or legal regulations on product packaging. The set-up should be simple, too, without needing specific tools or changing the manufacturing process unduly between product lines.

Investing in a smooth filling process delivers consistent packaging results with minimal wastage and ultimately reduces your production costs and loss. What’s not to like about bottom-up filling technology?

Our Machines Produce Results

At Asset Packaging Machines, we have been trusted by our clients for 40 years to deliver liquid filling solutions, including bottom-up filling, to transform your output and bottom line.

Our liquid filling machine range delivers from 1-4 filling cylinders with a volume metric from 5ml right up to 5000ml – covering a wide diversity of production lines in the liquid space. Suitable for use in large scale production or for a smaller manufacturer, our machines are reliable in their output to a scale of 0.5% – one of the reasons we have large clients in the pharma, medical, health, drinks and chemical industries where liquid frothing is a common issue.

We offer onsite installation setup for manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic models Australia wide. If you want to increase your efficiency, lower labour costs and standardise manufacturing output, find out how we can help.

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