Custom Belt and Slat Conveyors

Custom Belt and Slat Conveyors

  • Automate your product handling
  • Customisable conveyor paths to suit your factory layout
  • Full range of slat, belt, parallel and overhead conveyor options
  • Integrates with most production line components
  • Completely bespoke to suit your requirements

Heavy Duty Design

10 Year+ Service Life


Made in Australia

Slat Conveyor

Machine Description

Our conveyor systems are designed and engineered to the requirements of food, chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetics processing and integrate with our other packaging machines, as well as most standard production equipment.

Our slat conveyors are designed to maximise your
production and integrate with our filling, capping, and table
range, allowing for flexibility of container size, direction,
and various configurations based on your production area
layout. These unique configurations are made bespoke to
allow you to maximise your production within your floor
layout and can include ‘S’ bends, 90° angles, and parallel
filling lines. They are custom-built in multiples of 1200mm
(e.g. 2.4m, 3.6m, 4.8m).

Our belt conveyors are also built to your individual
specifications and requirements and are available in various
lengths and widths.

Our overhead conveyors can be fitted to your existing
conveyor to assist with unique product needs such as
pressing down paint lids after fill.

Our twin take-off belts are designed to integrate with our
conveyors for interfacing with production line components
that require consistent speeds, such as batch code printing,
labelling, or transferring across voids to tables and/or other
conveyors if required.

  • Option of Belt or Slat Conveyors with choice of stainless steel slat or plastic polymer
  • Multiple lengths in multiples of 1.2m (typically starting at 2.4m)
  • Can be fitted with an Overhead Belt Conveyor or Twin Take-Off Belt Assembly to suit your product and/or production needs
  • Allowing ‘S’ bend and 90 degree configuration options to suit your production floor layout with our 600mm Transfer Tables
Minimum Conveyor Length


Machine Type



  • Lockable castors
  • Flameproof model with mechanical speed variator
  • 90 degrees and “S” bends
  • Aluminium or PVC construction

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