For unscrambling and placing of caps

AV3 Series Single Cylinder Volumetric Filling Machine

The latest addition to ASSET’s range of packaging equipment is the ACP-1 Multi Function Cap Placer. This technologically advanced electro-pneumatic machine is designed to unscramble, place and start the thread of screw caps onto containers.

The ASSET ACP-1 is intended to be placed on an existing conveyor prior to the popular ASSET AC-1 Automatic Cap Tightener (or similar style inline cap tightener) or supplied as a complete assembly of conveyor, placer and tightener.

The highly integrated Programmable Logic Controller, servo drives and functional control, linked to a full featured colour touch operator panel, provide powerful features for simplicity and reliability of operation.

Caps are fed to the placer via a chute which accumulates caps that have been correctly orientated by a fully automated rotating cap sorting system. The rotating sorter manages a wide range of cap sizes and types. Positive orientation is achieved by a highly accurate laser sensor examining each cap. The sorting system is fully speed controlled. Caps are fed to the machine by means of a chute which has sensors fitted to control the cap sorter if the chute becomes full or pause the control of the machine should the caps run out.

Mounted over a continuously running slat conveyor, containers are indexed through the cap placing station and are accurately located with container clamping jaws.

The cap is captured by a vacuum chuck system permitting the cap to be screwed onto the container. A unique system prevents cap damage and will not distort the bottle when placing caps. Once a cap is fitted, the container is then indexed to the tightening station where the bottle is clamped ready for tightening.

The placer consists of a servo motor, a spindle which places the cap and an air cylinder assembly, which permits the down and up movement of the spindle. Simple adjustments to both the tightening torque and speeds are made on the operator touch screen. The mechanism is height adjustable to suit various size bottles.

A photo sensor at the in-feed monitors the minimum queue of product. A separate photo sensor near the outfeed of the machine will monitor the queue of product on the conveyor and if blocked will pause the machine to prevent jamming.

A colour touch screen operator panel with press buttons for main functions provides a powerful, complete yet simple system of operation for the ACP-1 machine. The panel permits multi-level operation.

The ‘Operator’ level displays and permits basic operational features.

The ‘Supervisor’ level is a full featured system permitting access to all adjustments and settings.

The ‘Service’ level permits access to additional diagnostics screens displaying all inputs, outputs and faults.

Working on this machine is made simple by a high-speed height adjustment system. The height adjustment motor is driven by a variable speed drive. This permits smooth slow fine adjustment but also increases speed to rapidly raise or lower the height to free jammed product and aid fast changeover of tooling.

Maintenance has been reduced to a minimum by design and careful attention to the use of long life parts in wear areas.

Speeds and timers are set in screens in the operator panel. Simple changeover of ON/OFF settings is carried out in a switches screen. All functions have been made to be stored in a ‘Recipe’ system in a separate screen.

Standard Features

  • Handles a wide variety of cap sizes and styles
  • Left to right or right to left operation
  • Can be retrofitted to an existing cap tightening machine
  • SEW Programmable Logic Controller
  • SEW Servo and VSDs
  • Colour touch screen panel
  • Electrically driven height adjustment
  • Diagnostic Screen for fault finding
  • Stored ‘Recipe’ settings for various cap/container combinations
  • Minimum change parts
  • Easy changeover for cap and container sizes
  • Constructed from stainless steel, anodised aluminium and engineering plastics
  • Container diameter: 25mm to 150mm
  • Container height: 50mm to 250mm
  • Cap diameter: 25mm to 110mm
  • Cap height: 10mm to 42mm
  • Designed and manufactured in Australia


  • Dimensions (mm) 1450 w x 1120 d x 2100 h
  • Weight, approx. (kg) 450
  • Air pressure required (bar – max/min) 8/6
  • Consumption (L/min) <300
  • Power (VAC) 415
  • Plug 5 pin
  • FLC (Amps) 5.5
  • Inrush (Amps) 12.7
  • KVA 3.1
  • kW 2.6


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